Feel the heat and watch the flames dance. Breathe in the smells and listen to the crackle of the fire. Nothing is greater than gathering around the fire, cooking and enjoying food that was prepared with love and attention.
Daddys FireTable is robust with thick-walled metal and heat-proof coating. The fire ring is made using natural blue steel and, with the proper care, becomes increasingly beautiful as the years go by. The handmade oak legs are easily removed, use the scale as a charming firepit!



Fairenheits FireTable invites long nights around the fire with friends, fire, food and a good glass of wine. The FireTable is especially suited to roasting and grilling for, or with, a group. Gather around the fire. Use the fire ring to grill burgers for the neighbours or load half of the ring with prawns and the other half with meat, throw some veggies in the mix – there’s space enough to cater to everyone’s tastes! When you’re finished with grilling, remove the fire ring and get the flames roaring in the fire pit. Prepare for a wonderful evening!

Rub the ring with a vegetable oil and place it on the fire before the first use.

Weight: 19 kg
Dimensions: Ø63,5 x 80 cm

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Weight 19 kg