Fernus Stovetop pizza-oven Duck Green


Fernus Stovetop pizza oven – Duck Green, a beautiful, inviting, deep green, named after the feather coat of wild male ducks.

Perfect for indoor use on your gas stove or outside on your rocket stove. Fernus heats up to a grand 350 degrees Celsius within 10 minutes, hotter than electric ovens and therefore super efficient. A cordierite pizza stone, and a pizza scoop are included with Fernus as standard. The stone guarantees a crispy base for your pizza.

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350 degrees Celsius is the best temperature for baking pizzas, flammkuchen, or naan bread, to name a few examples. Within just 4 minutes, they will be cooked nice and crispy with the leopard skin print characteristic of wood ovens you may have seen on holiday in Italy.

Very efficient due to optimised airflow

The patented design ensures your product is cooked evenly all around and in the middle in a very short amount of time. The slanted bottom forces the heat of the flames inwards and the rounded shapes ensure an even circulation, so that you won’t need to turn your pizza halfway through.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 17 × 32 cm