Roast your own coffee beans

Or pine nuts, sesame seeds, nuts, etc.

Waking up to the smell of coffee that you’ve roasted yourself. Coffee beans from all over the world are grown in different soils and those differences are noticeable in the beans when you roast your own coffee. Our BoRoaster is hand-blown out of BoRosilicate glass and can, of course, also be used for other beans.

Create your own flavour

With the round shape, you can mill your unroasted beans or seeds on any heat source. Use the smallest burner on your stove, or a tealight or spirit cooker. If you want to use our BoRoaster on an induction hob, you’ll need an induction adapter plate


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27 cm x 13cm x 6cm Weight: 185 gr

Working principle
Fill your BoRoaster with a modest amount -eg.- a handful of dried beans and place te BoRoaster on a heat source. Glass conducts heat very quickly and for this reason a revolving rolling motion is recommended so that the heat is distributed over all beans. The tip of the stem will be warm but not very hot so that you can hold your BoRoaster properly when you waltz. The degree of roasting depends on the time that you take and the flavor you want. Through the stem you can easily pour your roasted beans.

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